For Vets & Hospitals

The fastest way to get in touch with us is through email—we spend most of our time in surgery. 

Email address:

Phone number for veterinarians/hospital staff/owners in urgent need:  (616) 232-6005.  

We are here to help you help your clients.  We understand the veterinarian shortage makes it difficult for pet owners to get appointments with their primary veterinarian on short notice, and we know times are tough for a lot of people—not everyone can afford full service hospital prices.  We are here for pet owners who may need additional options.

We focus on procedures that can be scheduled days, to possibly a week or two in advance, as well as some urgent/bordering emergent surgeries.  We do not take true emergencies such as GDV, animals with trauma or cardiac/respiratory problems, animals with significant blood loss that may require a transfusion, etc.  If a surgery can’t wait 8-12 hours then we are unlikely the right place for it.  We also are unable to take patients weighing over 100-lbs.  We simply do not have the necessary equipment or enough staff for very large dogs.  

Link to our google calendar-check here to see if we might have a vet available:

Our primary vet is licensed in several states and unavailable at times. Check the calendar for availability before calling.