About Us

Michigan Pet Surgery and Dentistry Clinic was created to fill the gap between basic wellness centers and full-service hospitals. By limiting our services and focusing our efforts we are able to offer certain surgical procedures at a reduced cost, without sacrificing quality.

We keep our costs low by keeping our overhead low. We do not have office staff, we don’t carry inventory products such as flea and tick products, and by operating part-time we don’t have management/HR costs. That allows us to purchase top of the line equipment while offering lower priced options for owners. We do not have to pay for CT equipment, full-body x-ray machines, or the overhead that comes with running a 24-hour hospital. We also keep our pricing simple and transparent.

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Get To Know The Doctor

Dr. Amy Pietras is the primary veterinarian performing surgeries and dental procedures.

In the last two years she has spent a combined 5 months training at similar facilities and with board certified specialists. She has been involved in animal rescue in West Michigan for over 18 years and often spends her time off doing pro-bono work for shelters.

Additional support staff include licensed techs and assistants.